The difference between a regular exchange and a currency conversion exchange

The difference between a regular exchange and a currency conversion exchange

The difference between a regular exchange and a currency conversion exchange

What is the difference between a regular exchange and a currency conversion exchange?

A regular exchange and a currency conversion exchange: The blockchain technology industry is still quite new compared to the history of other financial institutions.
Therefore, various semi-legal structures and atavism emerge from fiat sectors of the economy.
At the same time, the emergence of exchanges has been an important aspect for the crypto world, and the existence of both structures on equal terms only confirms the initial stage of blockchain development.
The fiat market is usually the domain of large financial structures.
You can exchange one currency for another only through interbank transactions.
Even the famous Forex market does not offer an option for liquidity in a specific currency.
Exchanges have always been the easiest and most convenient way to exchange currencies, especially in the electronic money industry.
In the fiat market, most people do not have the opportunity to trade using exchanges, because fiat money is regulated by banks.
Forex trading, which became popular in the late 90s, is not suitable for direct currency exchange and is only used as a way of speculation to earn money.
With the advent of digital currencies, the situation has changed dramatically.
This is largely due to the transportation technology and the lack of regulatory functions that allow the removal of the restrictions of classical fiat financial markets.

The main difference

There are many differences between regular exchanges and currency conversion exchanges.
Let’s briefly talk about the main differences:
A regular exchange and a currency conversion exchange


In regular exchanges, it does not profit from the sale of cryptocurrencies, but only provides a trading platform.
In currency conversion exchanges, the direct owner owns the crypto asset and tries to get the maximum profit from each transaction.


In regular exchanges, you can also trade in the stock market, but there is no such option with digital currency conversion exchanges.

ease of use

Regular digital currency exchanges can be a bit confusing and you spend a lot of time for a currency transaction.
In Flashift online digital currency exchange, you can easily convert your existing currency to the desired currency by choosing the desired exchange and with the lowest fee.


When you want to convert and trade a currency with another currency, in a regular exchange, you must first sell the existing currency and then buy the desired currency, as the prices may change during that period of time and the price of the desired currency may increase.
which receives a separation fee for each purchase and sale transaction.
This raises the risk of the transaction a little and you may suffer.
But in currency exchange exchanges, you will directly convert your existing currency into the desired currency by paying a one-time fee in a transaction, and as a result, the speed of your transactions will increase.


Market pricing on exchanges offers more value, reliable transfers and makes paying taxes easier.
The main advantage of currency conversion exchanges is potential anonymity.
Flashift digital currency conversion exchange has many advantages, some of which are as follows:
The minimum difference between the purchase/sale price of an asset.
Speed and convenience in financial transactions.
Ability to work with any digital currency available.
Simplifying taxes and regulations.
Protection against intruders.
High level of security.
Suggestion of existing exchanges with different fees for currency conversion

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the digital currency conversion transaction work?

Users can trade directly between the two digital currencies. For example: exchanging Tether with Bitcoin or vice versa.
All transactions are executed immediately and therefore cannot be reversed.
Cash is not required for the transaction.

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a regular exchange and a currency conversion exchange

a regular exchange and a currency conversion exchange

a regular exchange and a currency conversion exchange

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