BTC price

BTC price

BTC price

Digital currency trading has become popular recently. It has also become much easier due to great diversity in its supply In general to trade a month of digital currency you should attend a digital currency exchange (DCE) office You should of course  consider the BTC price and its effect on other currencies.

BTC price in DCE offices:

You may have never heard of DCE, but you should know that all digital currency transactions are performed in special

DCE offices, also called Exchanges, where you can, as a trader,

convert your digital currency into the national currency.

You can also change your digital currency unit if you wish.

Thanks to the popularity of digital currency transactions, exchanges are nowadays used through websites or applications installed on smartphones.

In order to be able to trade in a reputable crypto exchange, you must first register there and do

your desired transaction through the national currency or digital currency.

Registration in DCE offices is nowadays done online, and you can become a member of a DCE provider through its website and application.

How to do transactions in DCE offices:

Transactions in DCE offices and cryptocurrency conversion depend on the conditions of these offices. In this section, you can get acquainted with these offices. In general, they operate in two ways.

In the first way, your transaction partner is the DCE office itself and you do your transactions with it, i.e. you purchase your desired currency from it and sell it to it. In the second way, the DCE office acts as an intermediary between the buyer and the seller, for which it receives a fee.

Few DCE offices use the first way, and the second way,

in which these offices are used as intermediaries are more popular.

The reason for the less popularity of the first way is that you pay a relatively high price to an exchange office when you buy your desired digital currency from it, while you receive a small amount from it when you sell your digital currency to it.

This is why most exchange providers prefer acting as an intermediary in digital exchange transactions and receive a commission percentage for each transaction.

What does currency pair mean?

In this section, we will get more acquainted with digital currency terms. Currency pairs allow the possibility of converting one digital currency unit to another.

A digital currency pair is separated by a slash and the symbols of the digital currency unit are often used,

for example, the symbol BTC for Bitcoin and the symbol USDT for Tether.

When the two currencies are traded together, they are displayed as BTC/USDT.

Currency pairs can have other uses as well, such as technical analysis of the market. For example, if you want to trade different currencies with a popular currency such as BTC, you must use the BTC-E chart, and if you want to know about the price change of Ripple in relation to BTC, you must use the Ripple/BTC currency pair chart. This is also called BTC technical chart, which is very helpful.

Exchange websites:

You can use certain websites to track the BTC network or the network of many reputable currencies. This is the reason why exchange websites are nowadays used to receive BTCs or to do things like checking BTC balances. Moreover, as you know, BTC is one of the most popular currencies, which has led to the popularity of BTC wallets.


DCEs have nowadays become a virtual environment and as websites where people can trade ,

their digital currencies through the national currency or other digital currencies. They are categorized according to their services and type of operations.

Digital currency trading has recently become very profitable, but many people have not made huge profits through it or have lost their money due to their little information about it.

Therefore, is recommended that you obtain sufficient information about this currency before starting your trading.

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