Convert Binance BNB to Theta

Convert Binance BNB to Theta

Convert Binance BNB to Theta

Binance(BNB) and Theta cryptocurrencies

Convert Binance BNB to Theta: Many people believe that Bitcoin is the most basic cryptocurrency.
If before the emergence and spread of Bitcoins, there were many attempts to create a cryptocurrency.
The question may arise as to why cryptocurrencies came into being.
To answer this question, we will explain it clearly with an example.
You have a certain amount of money that you want to keep in a safe place.
The first idea to keep your money is the bank.
So you go to the bank and create an account for yourself to keep your money in your bank account.
In fact, you trusted the bank to keep your money as a third party.
Digital currencies are based on two main reasons, including trusted third party and double spending.
The problem with double spending is that it warns and prevents people from spending again for a certain amount of money.
This was previously the case in financial systems, which had been fixed by central servers by inventory scrutiny, preventing people from re-spending a certain amount of their money.
This method was implemented decentrally, first in Bitcoin and then in subsequent currencies, and prevented the abuse of others.

What is Binance (BNB) cryptocurrency

Binance Exchange is the largest exchange in terms of daily trading volume.
The founder of this exchange is Changpeng Zhao (nicknamed CZ), one of the richest and most well-known active figures in the digital currency community.
This exchange is one of the most trusted digital currency exchanges for users.
This confidence is such that after a digital currency is added to the Binance list, its price rises significantly.
In 2005, Zhao designed a trading system called Fusion for brokers.
He also joined the China Dotinfo blockchain project in 2013 as the third member of the team.
The initial ICO coin pre-sale began on July 14, 2017, selling 100 million tokens in 13 days, raising a total of $ 15 million.
The exchange, which started in China, moved its servers and organizations to Japan following a ban on the sale and purchase of digital currencies in the country.
In March 2018, the company also expanded its offices in Taiwan.
In April 2018, the exchange announced that, with the strictures of the governments of China and Japan, it had decided to move its headquarters to Malta.

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The advantage of Binance

The LaunchPad platform, as a platform for holding the initial public offering of the exchange, has so far provided collective investment for several different projects.
With BNB tokens, users receive tickets that increase their chances of receiving project tokens.
Binance also has a very large referral program; In this way, each user registers with another marketing link, 20% of the user’s commission is given to the referrer.
Use of Binance tokens to discount trades in Binance exchange 50% in the first year, 25% in the second year, 12.5% in the third year, 6.25% in the fourth year and finally in the fifth year onwards, this discount no longer exists.
In addition, 31 other applications are listed on the Binance site for BNB tokens, most of which are the use of Binance tokens in their partner platforms.
This cooperation is mutual and the digital currencies of different projects are also included in Binance for buying and selling.

What is Theta cryptocurrency

THETA was launched in 2017 by Mitch Liu.
This person had previously founded mobile games and online advertising startups.
Jieyi Long is another founder of Theta.
This person specializes in live streaming technologies.

In 2017, the team behind Theta held a dedicated token sale, selling 30% of the one billion units of THETA supply.
In addition, $ 20 million was raised to start their project.
Theta Labs, the company behind the Theta Labs, also has its own broadcast site, Theta.Tv.
This site offers viewers Theta Fuel to watch video content.
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The features of Theta cryptocurrency

THETA digital currency network has features that make it unique. These features include the following:

The existence of BFT consensus mechanism in this network has caused high speed in transaction processing and scalability of this network.
Other features of Theta Network include high data rate.
Another feature of this network is its high scalability and off-chain processing power.

How to Convert Binance BNB to Theta

You can get help from Flashift Exchange to convert Binance cryptocurrency to Theta cryptocurrency.
You can get the equivalent of your desired exchange rate through Flashift exchange office and easily convert currency for conversion through the proposed foreign exchange offices.
The steps for converting Binance coin cryptocurrency to Theta cryptocurrency are as follows:
Click here to enter on Flashift website.
The second step is to select Binance currency from the top drop-down menu and in the bottom drop-down menu, select Theta cryptocurrency as shown below, and then click on View All Exchange Offices.

Convert Binance BNB to Theta step 1

In this step, you must select the best fee and the best exchange office you want and click Next.

Convert BNB to Theta step 2

In this step, you must fill in the required options, including the address of the wallet to which you want the exchanged Binance currency to be deposited in theta.
The bottom option is that if your address has additional memos, tags or IDs, enter it in this field and continue to enter the next step.

Convert BNB to Theta step 3

In this step, you must confirm the entered information and enter the last step.
In the final step, you deposit the desired currency to the given address and the converted currency will be sent to your wallet and transferred in a few minutes.


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