Criteria of a good online exchange

Criteria of a good online exchange

Criteria of a good online exchange

Criteria of a good online exchange:
Bitcoin is the most popular digital currency in the world, on which many transactions are made every day; The easiest way to buy and sell bitcoins is to visit related sites.

Bitcoin buying and selling website

There are two ways to buy and sell Bitcoin.

One of the ways is to buy directly and in person, which is a bit time-consuming, and the other way is to buy and sell through the website and online exchange, which is more popular than the first way.
In order to be able to buy and sell digital currencies in complete security, you must find the best site for buying and selling Bitcoin and other currencies according to some points; In the following, we will tell you these points.

A few tips to find the best cryptocurrencies trading site

The best sites for buying and selling digital currencies have the following features; You can choose the most suitable site for yourself using these tips and features.

security-Criteria of a good online exchange

Security is the most important and main feature of the best cryptocurrency buying and selling site.
If an online site and exchange does not have security, without a doubt, not a single user will make transactions on it.
For this reason, the main goal of all online sites and exchanges is to create and maintain security.
If a site has all the positive features but does not have high security, do not buy and sell bitcoins and other digital currencies on it.
Doing transactions on a site that is not secure will expose all your confidential information and ultimately expose them to many risks.
Sites that are not attacked by hackers or do not allow them to be hacked have good security.
The security of some sites is such that it is easily attacked by hackers and will destroy the overall structure of the site and the online exchange, and buying and selling bitcoins in that exchange faces many risks.

Work experience

Having an experience of an online site and exchange is another important point in choosing the best site for buying and selling cryptocurrency.
For most highly secure sites, experience and history is built up over time.
In general, the most popular online exchanges in our country and other countries of the world have a long history, which makes the number of users and people who do their transactions there increase day by day.


Authentication is done in all online exchanges in our country.
Contrary to the ideas of most digital currency users and traders, the more difficult and accurate the authentication procedures are, the more secure the transactions will be.
In general, users who perform authentication are not satisfied with this work and believe that the steps should be made easier or authentication should not be performed in general.
But they should know that by not doing authentication, their security will be compromised and as a result, their confidential information will be revealed.
Money laundering happens more often in exchanges and sites that convert digital currency into fiat currency, and that is why authentication must be done in them.
Performing authentication will increase the security of the site and increase the security of transactions and preserve your information.
The documents you must provide to these sites and online exchanges for authentication will be identity documents.
If the site is reliable, secure and has a history, it will not threaten your documents in any way.
Due to the fact that Iranians are not authenticated in most foreign online exchanges for buying and selling Bitcoin, you cannot make transactions in these exchanges.
Therefore, you should choose the best site for buying and selling bitcoins and digital currencies from Iranian online sites and exchanges.


Exchanges and sites usually charge two types of fees.
One of them is the transaction fee and the other is the transfer fee, which is deducted from your account from the transaction and transfer according to the amount of the transaction.

Since the volume of Bitcoin transactions is very high and it has a high price, the amount of fees received by the sites is very important.
Any site that charges less fees can be one of your options for choosing the best bitcoin buying and selling site.

Of course, note that you should never sacrifice the amount of the fee for other features, especially security.
You may go to a site that does not have any security because of receiving a lower fee, which is completely wrong and it is suggested to avoid doing this.

The transfer fee will be deducted both when depositing and withdrawing from the site.
The fee charged by each site is different from another site and it will depend on the amount of your transactions.


flashift website for convert bitcoins and other digital currencies always thinks about its users and therefore receives the lowest fees; If you are looking for a site with high security, excellent track record, and low fees, flashift website can be your best choice.

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Criteria of a good online exchange

Criteria of a good online exchange

Criteria of a good online exchange

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