Everything about Wink cryptocurrency with price forecast

Everything about Wink cryptocurrency with price forecast

Everything about Wink cryptocurrency with price forecast

Overview of Wink Digital Currency

Everything about Wink cryptocurrency: The WIN Token, the native token of the WINkLink project, has a total supply of about $ 994 billion.
Winklink is the first Oracle built on the Theron network that gathers real-world information and connects it to a blockchain.
Winklink does this with maximum security.
The turnover of this project is 961 billion and they have 796 thousand wallet addresses of this token.
But let’s start with a general definition of the Winklink project: Winklink is a decentralized oracle project on the TRON network.

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What is Oracle?

What does the Wink cryptocurrency have to do with the Oracle concept?
blockchain-based smart contracts have long been unable to communicate directly with the external system, which limits the variety of smart contract-based applications.
With the advent of Oracle, a solution was found to connect smart contracts with the outside world.
However, most oracles currently on the market are centralized, which puts the relevant smart contracts at a single point of failure and jeopardizes the benefits promised by their decentralized nature.
The single point of failure is the part of the system that, in the event of failure, prevents the operation of the entire system.
Oracles are a way to connect smart contracts with the outside world, thereby increasing the use of blockchain in everyday life.
For this reason, Winklink created a decentralized Oracle project to provide external data to smart contracts.
This oracle links smart contracts to various real-life events while ensuring a high level of security and reliability.

WinkLink Decentralized Oracle – Everything about Wink cryptocurrency

WinkLink Decentralized Oracle is a solution for providing external data to smart contracts to link smart contracts to various real-life events while ensuring a high level of security and reliability.
With the astonishing and rapid growth of various DeFi programs or Decentralized Finance services, a stable and reliable decentralized Oracle service can be the key to achieving DeFi’s premium projects.
Therefore, Winklink was created to meet the needs of smart contracts based on Theron network to access external data.
Oracle Winklink-Everything about Wink cryptocurrencyWink cryptocurrency

What are the advantages and features of Oracle Winklink?

One of the features that Winklink offers as an Oracle service is that it uses smart contracts to pay for Oracle nodes and then provides price information to contracts.
In this way, both decentralization and user interaction and engagement are guaranteed.
The next feature is that Winklink has chosen Theron’s core network to use smart contracts.
Theron network support for fast transaction processing, high throughput, and stable block generation all protect the Winklink platform from problems such as high commission delays and accumulation of transactions (problems that are very common in the Atrium network).
This allows Winklink to provide developers with data services without delay and more stability.
Decentralized app developers (DApp) and node operators are among the most important groups that use the Winklink network services.
This way, decentralized app developers can get stable and reliable data services at a lower cost, and ninety operators can be rewarded by running nodes.


Wink cryptocurrency

What are the functions of Oracle Winklink?

A fundamental question about Oracle Winklink’s philosophy could be what oracle’s function is and what problems it solves.


First: Provide reliable price data to DeFi platforms

Decentralized financial plans must offer prices for token transactions and loan collateral.
The Oracle price system embedded in Winklink provides stable and reliable price to developers who build DeFis.

Second: Provide reliable Off-Chain data for further use

Winklink allows programmers to use all real-world data in any field such as sports and weather.
Developers can create custom oracles and connect smart contracts to the real world in minutes.

Third: Generate random numbers

Winklink provides programmers with a safe and verifiable randomness so that Oracles can meet the various needs of decentralized applications (DApps) for random numbers.
The anti-manipulation nature of random numbers generated by the Verifiable Random Function (VRF) improves the fairness of the results obtained from random numbers.

Fourth: Increase the growth of the TRON ecosystem

Winklink smart contracts can easily access any data and form a reliable data ecosystem in various industries.
The speed, stability and cheapness of transactions on this platform make it possible to provide better services to programmers and users.

Are the areas of application of Wink diverse?

This project intends to create different DeFis products in different application areas.
The three proposed areas of this project are the areas of financial derivatives, lending and capital management.

Financial Derivatives:

Blockchain derivatives platforms can provide reliable anchor valuation by accessing the latest prices offered by Winklink, which helps them with synthetic assets, contracts or futures, create options contracts.


Lending platforms can provide accurate collateral rates by accessing the latest prices offered by Winklink, which allow interest calculation, interest settlement, loan settlement and collateral liquidation.

Asset Management:

Capital management platforms can rebalance their asset ratios by accessing the latest token prices offered by Winklink, which facilitates the work of decentralized exchanges (DEX) to set up fund pools.

Node Setup Reward:

If you launch and publish your Oracle on this platform, you will also be rewarded if it is used by programmers.


What is the Winklink Project Roadmap?

The roadmap for this project has been designed in four phases and according to the information provided on the official website of this project, Winklink is currently in the first phase:

Phase One:

The construction of Oracle Winklink and the provision of price services is one of the goals of this phase, which has been achieved to some extent. The growth of a large community of prominent programmers who interact and engage with Winklink is another goal of this phase.

Phase 2:

Creating a community of programmers and building an ecosystem for Oracle Winklink using the Service Level Agreement (SLA) system, providing better incentives to programmers, and seeking to discover more applications in everyday life.

Phase 3:

Building a comprehensive anti-fraud system and a secure transmission system are the goals of this phase to further enhance privacy and security.

Phase 4:

Establishing a rational governance platform can achieve the goal of having more use cases to expand the range of trusted services provided on the Theron platform to real life.

Wink cryptocurrency


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