Introducing GMT digital currency

Introducing GMT digital currency

Introducing GMT digital currency

STEPN application and GMT token

Introducing GMT Digital Currency: As you know, the metaverse is growing and evolving day by day, and it is expanding dramatically, providing a platform for creative innovations.
The StepN project is one of these fascinating innovations in the field of Metaverse world and currency games (cryptocurrency).

Now the question that arises is what exactly is the StepN application and what are its uses?
StepN has provided software in the field of health and fitness and a healthy lifestyle and fitness.
StepN game is based on GameFi platform based on China block.
You can get the digital GMT currency, which is the native coin of this software, by following some health commands such as walking designed in this application.

Introducing StepN game – Introducing GMT digital currency

StepN application is one of the first mobile games that has the ability to generate revenue with sports.
The slogan of this game (Move to earn), which is based on the Solana blockchain.
To start the game, you must first download the StepN game software from the official StepN website or from the App Stores.
Then, before starting the game, you should be minting a pair of NFT sneakers on it.
After that, you will be able to easily earn money from this application by walking or running.
Users will be able to cash in on revenue from in-app services or by investing profitably.
In fact, the main purpose of building and developing the StepN application is to introduce the world of currency code and web3 to people unfamiliar with athletes in this field and to encourage users of the currency code world to exercise and live a healthy life.

How does StepN work?

After downloading the StepN application, users must register in STEPN using their email address.
Once verified, users must connect their wallet to the STEPN digital currency.

NFTs are worn in the form of sneakers by users in the Game-Fi StepN system.
To purchase NFT sneakers, users must deposit the Solana native SOL token in their in-app StepN wallet and wait for their energy to recharge after 24 hours.

The number of minutes a user can exercise with NFT sneakers is measured in terms of energy.
Flexibility, performance and convenience are the various features that users may choose.
The characteristics of your sneakers all contribute to its energy cap.
The energy ceiling in distribution bottlenecks is significant because the rewards are limited.
how does stepn work - Introducing GMT digital currency


StepN tokens

There are two tokens in the StepN ecosystem:
Green Satoshi Token (GST)
This token is a functional token of the game that has an unlimited supply.
Green Metaverse Token (GMT)
This token is a token of sovereignty.
Currently, each GST is worth more than $ 2.5 and a SOL digital currency is worth nearly $ 90.
It should be noted that the value of the GMT token is higher than the GST token, and this valuable digital currency at the end of the game is given to users.
The higher your level, the more GMT you can get.
The amount and type of tokens you receive depends to a large extent on the sneakers you use in the game.
That way, you can get GMT or GST tokens, depending on the sample and features of your sneakers.
Of course, in order to be able to use them, you have to convert them to SOL digital currency, and in the process, they will all be the same.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is StepN Game?

This game seems to be one of the best Solana blockchain games that you can get a unique token of this game by running and physical activity.

What is a native STEPN game token?

The attractive Stepan game has two native tokens that are given to users during and at the end of the game. These tokens are GMT and GST.

What do we need to start STEPN game?

All you need to start the game is a pair of virtual sneakers that you can buy from the internal market of this platform.

What makes StepN unique?

The motion encryption program for monetizing StepN has Social-Fi and Game-Fi elements.
The Step-by-Step Game-Fi Initiative aims to help users fight climate change, lead a healthy lifestyle and connect people to Web3, while relying on its Social-Fi component to build a sustainable platform that produces Web3 content strengthens by the user encourage.

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Introducing GMT digital currency

Introducing GMT digital currency

Introducing GMT digital currency

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