Top us Bitcoin exchanges

Top us Bitcoin exchanges

Top us Bitcoin exchanges

The question that probably arises for all of us is what are the top us Bitcoin exchanges?

With the increasing profits from digital currencies, many people have become eager to visit the digital currency exchange site, so that we see many new Iranian digital currency exchanges every day.

But the increase in the number of online sites for buying and selling digital currencies and various exchanges confuses us as to which of these exchanges we can really trust?!

In this article, we intend to review the reputable Iranian digital exchange offices and the features that we need to know to select a suitable exchange office.

Bitcoin exchanges

The best online digital currency exchanges in Iran

As you know, the best and most reputable Iranian digital currency exchanges must have

some features such as fees, high transaction volume, acceptable security, simple user interface,

 and the amount of cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals that can be trusted and traded in It did.

Tabdeal Exchange

Tabdeal Exchange is another Iranian online exchange and is one of the newest exchanges.

This exchange that responds to users in a secure environment with 24-hour support.

By entering the site of this exchange, even if you are a complete beginner, you will not be confused,

and with the step-by-step tutorials placed on the site, you can easily perform

all the steps such as registering on the site, creating a wallet, transferring and withdrawing, etc.

Ok-Exchange Exchange

Ok-Exchange is an exchange office for digital currencies in Iran, which was started by Amatis in the field of digital currency services in 2017.

this exchange is one of the top digital currency exchanges in Iran;

 Because it always tries to provide a leading, safe and secure trading platform for its users by increasing the quality level of services.

Nobitex Exchange

Nobitex Exchange is the most popular and reputable exchange among other Iranian digital currency exchanges due to its easy authentication.

The transaction fee in Nobitex exchange is in the range of 0.25% to 0.35% .

And the calculation period is 30 days. Fees in this Iranian exchange is determined according to the amount of your transactions.

Wallex Exchange

The second best and most reputable exchange in Iran is Wallex Exchange,

which is the result of the teamwork of Tehran and Sharif University students.

The site is less old than Cryptoland, but it still claims that some 86,000 users are trading digital currencies on this site.

Flashift App exchange

The Flashift is a multiplatform aggregator application for instant exchange deals by searching, sorting and showcasing the best rates.

Also FLASHIFT works with a variety of exchange partners through different APIs. It helps gathering information in one place and it finds the most relevant options.

Flashift team, support Web, Android, iOS and even Telegram BOTs . You can exchange anywhere and anytime.

Abantether Exchange

This exchange, which is currently one of the best and most reputable digital exchange offices in Iran,

started its activities in 2018 by a group of graduate students of Sharif University of Technology,

who were a young and interested team, and continued to grow in this direction.

Important to realize, the purpose of Abantethet exchange office was initially to provide easy conditions for buying and selling Tether currency for Iranian users.

But today it has added a long list of all the world’s most traded cryptocurrencies,

from Bitcoin and Ethereum and Tether to lesser-known but promising currencies such as Swipe, Terra, Aragon and Elrond.

For more information, you can read articles on convert bitcoin to dollars or Tether and Bitcoin .

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