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FLASHIFT is an aggregator application for instant exchange deals. We are searching for available offers, sorting them out, and showcasing the best rates in one interface.

FLASHIFT is a web application, so you can run it on all platforms, such as Android, iOS, Windows, and... You can exchange everywhere and every time with every application, which is easy for you.

FLASHIFT is working with a variety of exchange partners through APIs. We are sending in our users' inquiries and getting the offers directly from the services performing the swaps. FLASHIFT is a tool that helps you gather information in one place and find the most relevant options.

No, we do not charge you for extra commission fees. So, there is no difference between swapping in FLASHIFT apps and our partner exchanges.

FLASHIFT is an aggregator for non-custodial crypto exchanges and offers you all the information you need about your transactions. So, there is no difference between swapping in FLASHIFT apps and our partner exchanges.

All the features of FLASHIFT are free and available without registration.

We are working at the same pace as the API of our partner services. Once we get the data, the user is able to see it in FLASHIFT's interface. All transactions will be done within 3–30 minutes.

The full process of a crypto exchange is described in our HOW IT WORKS section. Additionally, there is an article that you can refer to for more information. In general terms, a swap starts with choosing the crypto pair needed, the sum you would like to exchange, and putting down the wallet address you would use to receive the funds. After this, the exchange order gets created - you will get the address to send the deposit. Once you send the funds, all you need to do is wait for the transaction to confirm and the partner exchange to process your request. Once the service sends the sum and the transaction is confirmed, the swap is done!

Our top priority is to provide high-quality cryptocurrency exchange service aggregation through unbeatable solutions with the deliberation of speed and security...

1. Save your money
Make an exchange at the best rate by finding and comparing rates throughout the exchange list. Always you can find a better offer by FLASHIFT.

2. Save your time
Neither requires checking multiple exchanges nor comparing rates. Save your time with FLASHIFT in one place, fully automated.

3. Instant exchange
No registration and unnecessary details. It is as simple as 1-2-3-4.

4. Multi-platform
FLASHIFT is designed with performance in mind and works perfectly on any device.

FLASHIFT is a platform for exchanging cryptocurrencies. We do not provide a wallet address or store your assets. To start your first transaction, you will need to obtain a crypto wallet. The wallet will provide you with an address to which your exchanged cryptocurrency will be sent. When creating a transaction through FLASHIFT, you should fill in your wallet address. After the exchange is completed, the cryptocurrency will be sent to your wallet.

FLASHIFT does not offer a wallet or any address to receive your cryptocurrency. You will need to create your own wallet to receive the exchanged crypto.

About Exchange

Fixed rate
Opting for a fixed rate, you get the price you see at the point of initiating a transaction, and rates freeze for 10 minutes Attention! Your transaction must be received within 10 minutes, and the amount must exactly match the amount of the order. Otherwise, you will be prompted to make a refund or continue the exchange at the market rate.

Float rate
When you exchange cryptocurrency at a floating rate, the exchange rate is set when your transaction is confirmed by the blockchain network. If the market goes up, you will receive more cryptocurrency. If the market goes down, you will receive less cryptocurrency. This is fair.

Once your transaction reaches our address and receives the required number of network confirmations, the exchange will be automatically performed, and a transaction will be sent to your address. The time it takes for the transaction to be confirmed depends on several factors, such as the network fee you specified when sending it and the speed of the blockchain network.

When you are exposed to the “Cannot create the transaction” error, there are two possible problems:

Your recipient address is wrong, and you should check it again.

The pair is not available for the selected exchange at the time, and you should choose another exchange.

Over 70% of stuck transactions happen because users ignore the coins’ unique features. A memo and a destination tag are among those features people tend to forget about.

These short combinations of digits and letters help us recognize your payment and send the exchanged money to the recipient’s address you indicated when initiating a transaction. If they are specified incorrectly, your transaction may get stuck or go to another user.

The most popular currencies that may require an extra ID (memo, message, tag, etc.) are:

XRP – destination tag
XEM – message
BNB – memo
EOS – memo
HBAR – memo
ATOM – memo

If FLASHIFT provides you with a memo/tag/message alongside the address, you must enter it while sending the funds from your wallet. Your wallet should provide you with a corresponding field for this extra piece of data if you choose to send one of these currencies.

If you’re swapping such a currency via FLASHIFT or will receive such an asset after an exchange, make sure to check if your wallet provides a memo, message, or tag to receive the asset. If you omit this relevant data, there’s a chance your wallet won’t be able to recover your funds.

About Transactions

Whenever you make an exchange, you need to have a sender and a recipient. On FLASHIFT, the recipient address is where you will get the new currency after the swap is done. For example, if you want to receive Ether (ETH), you should enter an ETH wallet address as the recipient, and the exchange service will transfer coins to this address when the swap is finished.
In general, the recipient’s wallet address is your own address that the exchange service will send coins to after the exchange is done. Make sure you only enter a wallet address that you can access for sure.

A hash is a special code that identifies a blockchain transaction. It serves as a document or evidence that the transaction happened and allows you to verify its status and validity on the blockchain. Typically, a hash is a mix of numbers and lowercase letters (uppercase for XRP). A hash is given to every payment in cryptocurrency; you can see it in the payment details in your wallet.

The transaction status is updated in real-time. You can keep your exchange ID and then close the page. You can also check the transaction status either by entering your exchange ID in the swap tracker under the menu or by choosing from your transaction history.

At FLASHIFT, each exchange transaction goes through four primary stages. It takes 1–30 minutes for a transaction to be fully processed after your funds reach the exchange service and the incoming transfer is fully confirmed in the blockchain. If your transaction takes longer than that, it could be due to various factors. To find out why there is a delay, you need to determine at which stage the transaction froze. You can check the exact status of your transaction by going to your exchange history page or entering the exchange ID on the swap tracker page.

1. Waiting Stage
This could happen for several reasons:

The blockchain is busy. This is the most common reason. Don’t worry, your transaction is in line, so we’ll receive your money soon. We just need a few confirmations to accept your payment.

You’ve sent your coins to the wrong wallet address. If this happens, please get in touch with our support team right away for help.

Wrong memo/destination tag/message also known as extra ID. Some coins require extra information (Ripple, XEM, Stellar, EOS, BNB, or ETN) when you send them. You have to enter it. If you enter it incorrectly or use a different memo, destination tag, or message, your transaction won’t go through automatically. To process it, you’ll have to contact our support team and give them all the payment details, including your exchange ID on FLASHIFT and a link to your transaction on the blockchain. After that, we’ll process your transaction manually. We’ll either ask the exchange service to give you back your coins or exchange them at the rate that was valid at the time of manual processing.

You sent a different currency than the one you chose when you created the transaction.

You sent a currency to a different network. Please check the network type and currency protocol that are shown to you when you create a transaction.

You sent a currency using an old contract. This sometimes happens to ETH and BSC-based assets.

2. Confirming stage
The currency you’ve sent determines how many hash confirmations are needed to start the exchange. If your transaction has been confirmed for a while, it probably means that your payment hasn’t reached the necessary number of confirmations yet. We also warn you before the exchange that some assets may take longer to confirm (e.g., BTC). The network, not FLASHIFT or the exchange service, confirms the transaction. We can’t speed up your confirmation on the blockchain.

3. Exchanging stage
Market congestion. If you’re exchanging a popular coin, there is a chance of exchange delays due to high demand. Technical problems at the trading partners’ side. Sometimes, they may have technical difficulties, so your transaction can be paused.

4. Sending stage
Usually, being at this stage means that the exchange service has handled your transaction, and your exchanged currency is coming. However, because of the busy blockchain, the transaction time may get longer.

If you think that none of these descriptions match your situation, please get in touch with our support and let us know about your problem.

If you are sure that money was sent to the correct address, first try to refresh the transaction page. If the status doesn’t change, contact the FLASHIFT support team and provide them with the hash of your transfer and the FLASHIFT exchange ID.

Why could this happen?

• The destination tag/memo/message is missing (for XML, XEM, or XRP).
• There are technical issues with the crypto you sent.
• You sent the currency to a wrong wallet address.
• The exchange service system did not have enough time to recognize your transaction.
• Your input transfer failed on the network.
• Please address your problem with our support team.
• The transaction is complete, but there is no money in my wallet

If your transaction is done and its hash is correct, but you don’t see your funds in a wallet, do the following:

Update/sync your wallet. If you use offline or core wallets, you need to sync your wallet each time you send or receive money. Also, if you use an outdated version of your wallet, your balance may be displayed incorrectly. If you are about to receive XEM, Stellar, or XRP, ensure that your wallet doesn’t require a destination tag/memo/message. Your Internet connection is unstable. Try re-connecting. Most often, it has to do with the wallet’s faulty display. So, we kindly ask you to reach out to your wallet’s support to ensure that the problem is not on their side prior to writing to us.